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Cash For Gold

Altieri Watches is the best place to sell gold. For safety and security for your gold jewelry, it’s best not to mail your items out. You can sell gold locally to a state-licensed gold buyer in Lawndale. Visit us today for a free evaluation of your gold and jewelry items. We’ll always pay you more than any competitors. We are state and city licensed gold buyers.

Altieri has in-house gold jewelry buyers who specialize in accurately testing and weighing your gold. Our appraisers will test it for precious metal content to tell you what karat your gold is. After the karat is determined, the gold is weighed in front of you and the value is assessed.

All testing is done in front of our customers. As always, you are not under any obligation to sell us your gold. How Do You Determine The Price of Gold? All calculations are based on the gold spot price of the day you sell. We constantly reference the price of gold in the stock exchange and calculate pricing formulas based on that.

Reasons To Sell Your Gold

There are many reasons why you would want to sell your gold. Almost everybody has gold items in their jewelry or deposit box. Clean out that old jewelry box of that unwanted unworn, out of style gold items and turn it into instant cash. If you’re in need of extra money for any purposes, sell that unwanted and unworn gold jewelry and turn it into usable cash today.

Gold jewelry are also most often given at special occasions by former lovers and those items could bring back bad memories associated with them. Holding onto those items doesn’t add any value, so selling your gold jewelry would be a good choice. You’re also more welcomed to trade in your gold jewelry for new items.

Your gold jewelry might also be broken and repairing it is way too expensive and impractical. You could sell your gold to replace them with something newer. If you’re settling your estate and need to liquidate some items, please call us today. We will buy one piece or any entire estate. Selling your gold items, jewelry, or watches would be a wise decision, as cash is king. Whatever your reason, Altieri will gladly assist you in your decision to sell your gold.

Gold Price

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What Other Items Do Your Purchase?

Altieri Watches specializes in the purchase of silver, silver jewelry, sterling flatware, sterling tea sets, silver coins, silver dollars, diamond jewelry, antique and estate jewelry, diamond rings, engagement rings, art deco jewelry, platinum jewelry, diamond jewelry, vintage and estate jewelry. Or if you’re looking to sell a luxury watch, please visit our Sell A Watch page. Altieri has an in-house gold buyer who specializes in accurately testing, weighing your gold, and determining the correct karat of your gold.

All gold is weighed and tested in front of customer. No Fee is charged for our expert service and consultation. We are licensed, bonded, and insured and hold an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau. All our transactions are fast, easy, and confidential.

Best Place to Sell Gold Near Me

What Do I Need To Sell My Gold?

When you’re ready to sell your gold, all you need to bring in are the gold items you wish to sell and a current valid photo identification card, such as a Driver’s License, Passport, or Military ID. The gold selling process is fast and easy and only takes a few minutes.

How Do I Get Paid For My Gold?

Immediate cash is paid for all gold purchases, or if you prefer, we can also write you a company check. There is no waiting and no wondering what you will receive. All purchases are paid in US dollars. Altieri Watches – The best and the most trusted place to sell your gold, we pay the most and no one beats our high prices. If you have searched how to sell gold, sell gold, sell my gold near me and found us you have come to the right place. Altieri Watches specializes in the purchase of Gold, Jewelry, Rings, School Rings, Bracelets, Necklaces, Earrings, Coins, Chains and more.

We Also Buy

Gold Jewelry
Gold Diamond Jewelry
Gold Antique Jewelry
Gold Victorian Jewelry
Gold Estate Jewelry
Gold Bracelets
Gold Watch Links
Gold Watches
Gold Pocket Watches
Gold Pocket Watch Cases
Gold Watch Bands
Gold Pens
Gold Charms
Gold Charm Bracelets
Gold Lockets
Gold Antique Lockets
Gold Coins
Gold Foreign/U.S. Coins
Gold Mexican Coins
Gold Canadian Coins
Gold French Coins
Gold Hungarian Coins
Gold Austrian Coins
Gold English Coins

Gold Pendants
Gold Chains
Gold Necklaces
Gold Bracelets
Gold Bangle Bracelets
Gold Diamond Bracelets
Gold Chains
Gold Nugget Chains
Gold Nugget Rings
Gold Nugget Jewelry
Gold Nugget Bracelets
Gold Men’s Nugget Bracelets
Gold Men’s Bracelets
Gold Masonic Jewelry
Gold Tie Pins
Gold Cufflinks
Gold Spanish Coins
Gold Chinese Coins
Gold Krugerrands
Gold Medals
Gold Boxes
Gold Lighters
Gold Teeth
Gold Pins

Gold Key Chains
Gold Art Deco Jewelry
Gold Rings
Gold Wedding Bands
Gold Broken Rings
Gold High School Rings
Gold College Rings
Gold Championship Rings
Gold School Rings
Gold Class Rings
Dental Gold
Gold Bridges
Gold Caps
Gold Crowns
Gold Wire
Scrap Gold
Gold vintage jewelry
Gold Cameos
Rose Gold
Yellow Gold
Gold Panda Coins
Gold Anklets
Gold Rolex Watches
Gold Candle Holders

Gold Ingots
Gold Bars
Gold Maple Leafs
Gold Earrings
Gold Framed Cameos
Gold Eyeglass Frames
Gold Bird Boxes
Gold Music Boxes
Gold Dunhill Lighters
Any Rose Gold Items
Any Pink Gold Items
Any Broken Gold Jewelry
Gold Military Medals
Gold Money Clips
Gold Tea Sets
8 Karat Gold
10 Karat Gold
12 Karat Gold
14 Karat Gold
18 Karat Gold
22 Karat Gold
24 Karat Gold
Platinum Jewelry

We buy all gold items regardless of its condition. – Gold prices still remain around a 30 year high and it’s always a good time to sell your gold.

We Buy Gold

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