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Altieri Watches is the best place to sell gold. Visit us today for a free evaluation of your gold and jewelry items. We’ll always pay you more than any competitor. We specialize in accurately testing and weighing gold and all testing is done in front of our customers. As always, you are not under any obligation to sell us your gold. All calculations are based on the gold spot price of the day you sell. We constantly reference the price of gold in the stock exchange and calculate pricing formulas based on that.

We also specialize in the purchase of silver, silver jewelry, sterling flatware, sterling tea sets, silver coins, silver dollars, diamond jewelry, antique and estate jewelry, diamond rings, engagement rings, art deco jewelry, platinum jewelry, diamond jewelry, vintage and estate jewelry.




What Do I Need To Sell My Gold?

When you’re ready to sell your gold, all you need to bring in are the gold items you wish to sell and a current valid photo identification card, such as a Driver's License, Passport, or Military ID. The gold selling process is fast and easy and only takes a few minutes.

How Do I Get Paid For My Gold?

Immediate cash is paid for all gold purchases, or if you prefer, we can also write you a company check. There is no waiting and no wondering what you will receive. All purchases are paid in US dollars. Altieri Watches is the best and the most trusted place to sell your gold, we pay the most and no one beats our high prices. If you have searched how to sell gold, sell gold, sell my gold near me and found us you have come to the right place.


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